What Is
Pozy Animal Protect?

POZY ANIMAL PROTECT works as a small, POSITIVE FREQUENCIES TRANSMITTER. The frequencies are compatible with the dog’s and cat's frequencies.

In addition to the primary function of a product that helps protect the health of dogs and cats with its programmed frequencies, an additional option has been implemented in that same product that makes it easier for owners to find a lost pet. On the back of the POZY DOG and POZY CAT pendants, we have implemented a unique serial number and QR CODE that immediately leads to the website and provides complete information about the owner of the lost pet. This can significantly speed up finding, identifying and contacting a pet owner, which gives this product a unique added value.

Pozitron Plus DOG PLACE (protective radius 3 meters)

The dog should wear the protective pendant and necklace – VITALITY COLLAR during the day and during the night. For ideal effect, you should use it together with the PROTECTIVE PANELBOARD – DOG PLACE for a dog house (or for a dog’s sleeping place). THE PROTECTIVE PANELBOARD – SLEEP HARMONY guarantees a protective radius of approximately 4 meters. It provides excellent protection for your dog’s house or for the place the dog’s sleeping spot. It should be placed near the dog’s house or by the dog’s sleeping spot.

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See FAQs down below on this page or visit our Certificates, Awards @ Evidence of Effectiveness page to learn more about conducted tests and demonstrations of the product effectiveness.

Pozy Animal Presentation:

Protect The Health Of Your Pet

Learn everything about Pozy Animal products from the explanatory presentation.


Two specially frequency-treated film foils, which are glued on the upper side of the POZY DOG or POZY CAT pendant. By further changing the polarity in addition to nano-tech processing, the newly formed material begins to project programmed frequencies, which are compatible with physiological frequencies in dogs or cats, within their radius of action.

The programmed physiological frequencies placed by the pendant, through the vegetative nervous system, stimulate the increased flow of energy through all organs and organic systems of the animal, which consequently helps strengthen the immune system, and the animal is thus more resistant to many diseases. Also, the pendant frequencies neutralize the pathogenic spectrum of technical radiation from the environment (WI-FI, 4G, 5G networks, repeaters, computers, mobile phones, circuits, technical devices…) so the animal’s immune system does not have to spend extra energy to fight strong unnatural wireless frequencies technologies, which are known as the great energy thieves of the organism. Thus, the animal does not consume valuable internal energy, and the flow of energy through the body is much stronger, and thus immunity. Also, the strong physiological frequency from the pendant positively affects blood circulation, breaks down erythrocytes that stick to the formations and affects the proper arrangement of erythrocytes in the blood, which ensures much better oxygen transfer to the cells. Thanks to all of the above, your pet will be stronger in energy and immunity, and thus more resistant to most diseases.

The warranty is 1 year, and the shelf life is unlimited provided you follow the instructions for use.

It can not be harmful in any way, and no contraindications have been noticed.


The product does not reduce the intensity of EM radiation, nor does it serve to block electromagnetic signals. It does not interfere with the operation of any technical device, nor the signal of wireless technologies. All the technical devices we are surrounded by, and all the frequencies of wireless technologies around us in our environment create TOTAL ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION which is called ELECTRO-SMOG. Scientists claim that in densely populated places today we are ALWAYS BATHING IN THE SEA OF ELECTROMAGNETIC SMOG. Your pets living in apartments and houses, like you, are strongly influenced by ELECTRO-SMOG, which burdens the body with aggressive, unnatural frequencies, which the immune system recognizes as something unnatural, and must fight against it. In this way, the immune system is almost constantly active, consumes a lot of internal energy of the body, and sooner or later the body becomes exhausted and tired. Reduced energy of the body leads to weaker immunity, and thus the body gets sick more easily.

The POZY DOG and POZY CAT frequencies constantly increase the body’s energy flow and thus make the body more resistant to the external influences of wireless technologies. Also, one part of the frequencies NEUTRALIZES the pathogenic spectrum WITHIN THE TOTAL ELECTROMAGNETIC SATURATION OF SPACE, and thus ELECTROSMOG has a much smaller impact on the energy consumption of the organism. Thanks to the above, the frequencies POZYDOG and POZY CAT help your pet to maintain a good flow of energy and stronger immunity in the long run.

Thus, the product serves to strengthen the overall flow of energy and the body’s resistance to be much stronger to all aggressive influences from the outside.


With the development of modern technologies, the intensity of electromagnetic radiation and saturation of space with electro smog in the living and business environment is increasing, but thanks to modern certified innovations such as POZITRON PLUS, POZYDOG and POZYCAT it is possible to adequately protect your family and pets. AND A MUCH HIGHER LEVEL OF SECURITY, enjoy the use of modern technologies. 

The veterinary profession warns that the negative effects of harmful radiation at a much younger age of dogs and cats, due to the weakening of the body’s energy flow begin to cause problems with the heart, nervous system, painful and degenerative syndromes of spine, bones and joints, weaken circulation, cause hormonal disorders. immunity and greatly increase the risk of developing autoimmune and cancerous diseases in your pets.

– Very good protection of the energy health of your dog or cat.

– Raising the energy flow of all organs and organ systems of the dog or cat, which contributes to the PERMANENT RAISING AND STRENGTHENING OF YOUR PET’S IMMUNITY and greater resistance to harmful radiation from the environment.

– Less irritability, less timidity, less fatigue, the pet will be less likely to get sick, and if it gets sick, much faster recovery, faster rehabilitation, relaxation and regeneration of the body is expected.

– The frequencies placed by the POZY DOG or POZY CAT pendant are programmed to calm the vegetative nervous system of your pet, and through a very short period of use you will notice GREATER CALMNESS, LESS AGGRESSIVENESS, LESS NERVOUSNESS AND MUCH MORE PLEASURE OF YOUR PET.

– Much more likely to quickly find your lost pet (dog or cat). On the back of the POZY DOG and POZY CAT pendant, we have implemented a unique serial number and QR CODE that immediately leads to the website (www.pozy-animal.com) where you can register the serial number of your POZY NECKLACE, and your contact information. for a few pictures of your pet. The person who finds your lost pet will notice QR-CODE on the back of the pendant, simply scan it via mobile phone, and QR-COD automatically opens a web page in which he just enters the serial number from POZY NECKLACE, where his data is immediately displayed as pet owner. This significantly speeds up finding and easily contacting pet owners, which makes this innovation above average competitive, and you and your pet get much greater security and very high added value.