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With a team of professional associates, and in the symbiosis of a scientific medical approach with prof. Zalepugin, the Pozitron Plus product has been raised to the level of serious, certified and world-class a multi-award winning modern solution for raising the flow of human and animal energy organism, and the simultaneous neutralization of the harmful effects of radiation from technical and natural sources, which in fact, they represent major energy thieves in all living things, and thus significantly weaken the immune system.

Dr. Jelakovic


After several months of testing the innovation of Prof. Zalepugin on humans and animals, seeing the high potential of protective effects on the health of the human and animal organism, in ten years of development products and brand creation POZITRON PLUS, POZY DOG and POZY CAT joined doctor Krunoslav Jelakovic. The product has been tested on animals and humans for years, and it’s the top results that are obtained in the animal world, are the crowning proof that there is no PLACEBO effect in humans, since in animals there is no possibility of PLACEBA. All further testing and positive results in world of animals (dogs, bees, cows, cats, pigs, chickens) gave us the right to develop in the first step unique product for preventive health care for dogs and cats, POZY DOG AND POZY CAT.

Mario Vrabec


Mario Vrabec was born on April 20, 1969. in Zagreb. He was educated in Zagreb and started working in 1989 in the trade profession. To this day, he is active in the trade of products and services. He has passed a very large number of educational seminars by world-renowned experts in marketing and trade, studied many books in the field of communication psychology and gained personal knowledge and insights with the aim of achieving excellence in sales environments. Today, he is a very successful educator and motivator who inspires many with his knowledge and attitude, opens opportunities and provides solutions. He has created a special educational program called Sexual Energy in Sales Environments, never before processed in any public educational programs worldwide.

Prof. Aleksandar Zalepugin


After about 30 years of inexhaustible enthusiasm and desire to find a solution to the problem, prof. Saša Zalepugin managed to create a solution to help the organism of living beings to more easily defend itself against harmful radiation from the galloping development of modern technologies. Based on his dedicated work, curiosity and hundreds of different tests and experiments with different types of frequencies, a range of highly sophisticated products for the protection of human and animal health was produced – POZITRON PLUS, POZY DOG and POZY CAT.

Cert. Radiest.
Gordana Draganic

Development Manager

Gordana has been a CERTIFIED RADIESTHESIST OF SPACE PROTECTION for many years, a student of Osman Hasanpašić, a far above-average sensitive person, who is able to feel and measure radiesthesia radiation, even without the use of a dowsing tool. Thanks to that, and many years of work and experience, she now runs HUPED RADIESTHESIA COURSES where new dowsers are trained, and those who already have basic knowledge and experience can test their knowledge and dowsing skills in advanced courses and learn something new. She is also the leader of HUPED’s project: MEASUREMENT OF HARMFUL RADIESTHESIA RADIATION where anyone who needs it can apply for an inspection of their apartment and get quality advice and recommendations for the protection of their living space.

Anita Levanic

Head of Office

Our expert in getting everything done related to the product orders, documentation, and delivery in precise time. She is a long time member of Pozitron Plus team and a person on which you can count in the most difficult and most stressful times.

Robert Boric

Digital Project Manager

Robert has joined the Pozitron Plus team in early 2019. Since then his mission is to globally introduce the Pozitron Plus brand and the benefits of the product through various digital platforms, channels and partnerships, which he successfully does dedicatedly working even after hours. We are proud to have such an devoted and professional member in our team who have raised Pozitron Plus brand to the next level.